Aspirator 2) conveyor

Sifting machine 4) filter


Magnetic tray 7) "scratch roll" 8) resting bin

Grain scourer

10)set for sacked flour sewing

a) is used for removing shells from the cereals and beans b) is for decreasing dust content in the air of the plant

c) is for milling cereals and for grinding coffee, spices and sugar d) is used for separation of metal contaminants

e) is employed for separating materials on fractions f) transports the grain

g) is for humidifying grain with water

h) is for clearing flour from light impurities.

i) is an installation for sewing filled paper and fabric sacks

j) is for scratching the last particles of flour from branny stock

Exercise Aspirator 2) conveyor 4. Choose a word or word-combination which is not a part of the logical group. Give a title for each words group.

1. wheat, rice, sunflower, buckwheat, rye, barley, corn;

2. aspiration channel, magnetic tray, cleaning separator, filter;

3. centrifugal blower, filter sleeve, cyclone-discharger, rotary lock, product pipeline; 4. break roller unit, grinding unit, control unit, scratch unit.

Exercise 5. Find in the texts antonyms for the following words underlined:

1) the first step of the roller mill;

2) older types of grinding machinery; 3) as described above;

4) certain disadvantages; 5) coarse-grooved rollers.

Exercise 6. Find out the sentences with the numerals in the texts above and rewrite Aspirator 2) conveyor them changing information according to the milling process in Ukraine.

Example. There are usually … reduction rolls in grinding process.

Exercise 7. Complete the table concerning the flour milling using the information from the texts above and your own knowledge.

Process Purpose Equipment 1. Preliminary screening

2. Cleaning

Exercise 8. Word building.

What is the meaning of prefix de-? Translate the following word-combinations.

The grain debranning and degermination, a screen for dewatering, to deshell buckwheat grains, dehulled seeds, degassed product, with deaeration in the processing bin, to depan the products.

Exercise 9. Sentence building.

Join each of the following pairs of sentences with although, however Aspirator 2) conveyor or but.

1. Usually the wheat is ground several times. The flour output is about 70 percent.

2. Roller mills are used more widely in Ukraine. Stone grinding mills have many advantages.

3. Meat products are expensive for Ukrainian people. Their consumption is rather high.

4. In an ideal mill there would be no grain loss. In practice there is always some loss.

5. Corn is often milled by wet processes. Dry milling is also practiced.

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