Exercise 9. Put in the missing prepositions.

Exercise 9. Put in the missing prepositions.

Put in the missing prepositions.

1. The teacher demanded that the students should take notes ... coloured ball-point pens.

2. Being a psychologist... training, Richard devoted his life to solving other people's problems.

3. Not everyone likes to share a flat ... somebody: it disturbs one's privacy.

4. Working... her thesis, Ruth learned many interesting facts.

5. The mother always grumbled when her daughter was rea­ding ... her meals.

6. The commuters were at one ... the bus stop, and every per­son felt as if he or she were an integral part of the crowd.

7. Ruth could not understand why a certain restlessness came Exercise 9. Put in the missing prepositions. ... her.

8. Ruth did not have any worries ... money, because she lived at home with her parents.

9. It was very easy to choose subjects ... dissertations; the pro­fessor offered a long list of topics.

10. She would never sit down ... her meal without a book, which, of course, was a bad habit.

11. One day the lecturer returned Ruth's essay with an inscrip­tion ... the bottom.

12. Ruth's greed ... books kept her working in the library until nine o'clock.

13. As there was a kettle in the Common Room, some students took ... bringing tea and coffee.

14. The girls were bored ... each other, because Exercise 9. Put in the missing prepositions. they were too different.

15. A lot of students at the university were ... grants, which meant that their studies were subsidized by the govern­ment.

16. The girl decided that she would adhere ... a classical style of dressing; she thought it suited her better.

17. Those who win scholarships from the British Council are usually entitled ... half a year abroad.

18. Ruth remembered the day when she met Richard Hirst ... the rest of her life.

19. The girl's talks always consisted ... stories, reminiscences and gossip.

20. Richard congratulated all students ... all possible occasions, as he was a student counsellor.

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